Pain Relief

Is This Physical Therapy?

Yes and no!

I am a licensed physical therapist in TN. If you've ever met me, you know that I take great pride in what I/we do as a profession. I feel that I'm in one of the greatest professions in the world. However.... Sometimes you don't just need traditional, medical physical therapy. Sometimes you need a slight mental shift, sometimes you need things that aren't traditionally covered by insurance (as to why I don't accept insurance). Sometimes stress elevates your pain to uncontrollable levels and you need a combination of suggestions/actions/exercises/therapeutic things that help you return to a functional, active lifestyle that is pain-free. You come to me for a result and I try to deliver that result as quickly as possible. I try to make it fun, engaging, educational, as painless as possible, and most importantly, immediately beneficial for you in a way that you feel you've gotten the best possible value in helping you get rid of your pain.


If you have ever been to a traditional clinic or medical office, you see how rushed you might feel and unfortunately you might not always receive the attention you desire from the licensed professional.

I do not accept insurance at Body Harmony. This allows me to administer care in a completely focused manner and it also allows me to dedicate my time to you in a one-on-one basis.  With your insurance, if you have out of network benefits, you may use them if you choose.