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Ani Isen, DPT, Body Harmony’s physical therapist, is often leaving patients feeling amazed at how simple the process of healing can be. Having been a patient a few times since starting his physical therapy career in 2008, he can truly understand what it’s like to be on the painful side of the equation.



 Having worked closely with professionals in many other medical fields, he truly grasps the integrative concept of helping a person heal, sometimes suggesting that a patient connect with one of a myriad of solution-oriented professionals, both inside and outside of the traditional medical field. Body Harmony works closely with other associates on site with Nashville Colon Care, Holy Hypnosis, and Infrared Sauna 615.


 Dr. Isen takes great pride in being able to identify, break down, and communicate the root causes of most injuries or ailments, sometimes tracing the problem further back than the patient can remember initially. He strongly feels that when people are equipped with knowledge of what is causing their pain, they are putting themselves in position to control their pain and not letting their pain control them.


Patients rave about his bedside manner, professionalism, wit, humor, and personality, but mostly about his incredible sense of care for each patient and his desire to be accurate in diagnosis and prescription. Feeling very fortunate to have such people in his life, Ani spends as much time as possible with his family, coaches youth football and soccer, plays cello with his son and wife, teaches the basics in piano to his daughter, and works as a handyman on the newest projects at home. 


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