Medicare Beneficiaries

Physical Therapy at Body Harmony is not contracted with Medicare or any other form of health insurance.


Services rendered in our practice are not covered by Medicare or your Secondary Insurance.


If you would like Physical Therapy to be covered by insurance and if you have a Physician referral for such we will be happy to provide you with alternative options.

If you are unwavering, however, in your desire to be seen by Dr. Ani Isen for his expertise we ask that you sign a consent form before being seen to indicate that you understand that Dr. Isen can issue only non-covered services by Medicare.

Signing will also indicate your understanding that you cannot receive reimbursement from your insurance provider, secondary or otherwise, for received services.

Dr. Isen does not believe in discrimination against clients who are 65 and over (ie, Medicare eligible) by turning them away if they wish to be seen by him, even though they have been given and considered other options that might be covered by insurance.

He would like to help you and is willing to assess your problem and administer a limited number of treatments if necessary and to provide massage, wellness advice, preventative and fitness exercises, or dry needling.

However, because physical therapy has not yet been included in Medicare “opt out” legislation, Dr. Isen does not treat Medicare-eligible clients for acute problems, post surgical treatment or any issues that are considered ‘covered services.'

Actions are being taken to rectify this situation through the American Physical Therapy Association so that there will not be a question about whether you can see a non-Medicare provider Physical Therapist if you wish.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding this matter.

Thank you for understanding.

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