Acoustic Resonance

If you have ever been in a stairwell or a bathroom and hummed a certain note, causing the room to "ring" for a moment, you have heard a resonant frequency in that space. Acoustic resonance therapy seeks to create that "ring" within you! It involves listening to music or certain intentionally played notes which cause a feeling of harmony within the human body. Our mPulse sauna has two sound heads installed in specific places in the sauna that cause vibration when music is played. Not necessarily beneficial with any music played, CDs or other audio options can be provided upon request that are therapeutic in nature, designed to relax, promote meditation, and in some cases, put the body in position to help itself heal of various underlying conditions. Acoustic Resonance Technology can be used in any of Body Harmony's sessions. Please ask for suggestions to optimize your visit.


If you want to learn a touch more about the geometry of vibration and frequency, please take a moment to watch this video. Ironically, no sound is included.

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